As you step into KAUSTHUBHAM, discover a luxury lifestyle unfolding in a well-planned integrated environment. Join an upscale community in sharing the joys of living in a home built with you in mind. Grab the rare opportunity to own an uncommon home that defines your stature.

Our Essence

100% safety Measures

We never compromise on safety of our employees and customers in order to increase profits or keep a job.

Committed to Quality

Surakshaa Builders is committed to ensuring highest quality. We've earned a reputation for providing high-quality services and for our integrity over the years.

Best Workmanship

The entire team at Surakshaa is highly qualified and well-trained. The goal is to always deliver high-quality work.

Affordable Prices

Surakshaa Builders seek to deliver real value for their clients' money at a profit sufficient to care for the well-being of their employees. So, our prices are always affordable.

Gated Communities

All our projects are gated communities ensuring complete safety of you and your loved ones 24x7.

Perfect Planning

Great work, according to our team, is the result of careful planning. So, we plan and evaluate each project at Surakshaa builders to give you maximum benefits.